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Read about the push by Livingston Daisies to release a new record




What is the “Burlap Underground” movement?

It’s the emerging army of Livingstone Daisies’ fans who are teaming up to help the band release their debut recording session (effectively album #2).  The Daisies released a terrific record last year Don’t Know What Happiness Is (Popboomerang Records) which I have written about in glowing terms – here.  The band has also featured in Today’s Top Tune.

Don’t Know What Happiness Is was so good, that I can guarantee that the to-be-released new album will be a ripper.  I have just pledged – can’t wait to hear the new material.


The band has a few days to go to reach the target needed to release and promote this album properly!  Things are looking good but there is still a fair way to go!

Deadline 17th February 2014 at 16:56 pm EST


The band thank everyone who has pledged so far.

Every dollar helps but if you are not in a position to pledge then please spread the word if you dig the Daisies!

“Give that they may grow!”

Check out the project @



Early feedback to the new album:

“I can’t believe they shelved such a cool record.”
~ Charles Jenkins

“In the same way that The Saints’ ‘Simple Love’ and Reigning Sound’s ‘Drowning’ can make you laugh, weep and dance in your sleep, the new offering from the Livingstone Daisies can fill your empty life with melodic muscle. So, if you need some hard hittin’ harmony in your head and your heart – lay your money down.”
~ Pat Monaghan – Basement Discs

“Huge & Heartfelt.”
~ Sherry Rich

“The powerpop attitude of The Replacements, Southern rock charm of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and the lyrical sensibility of Alex Chilton.”
~ Patrick Emery

The new Livingstone Daisies album is a cracker of a record! I loved the first album, but think this album is even stronger. The songs are more focussed, jangly in sound, and have great catchy choruses. A memorable release on the ever wonderful Popboomerang label.”
~ Neil Rogers – RRR


Read about the push by Livingston Daisies to release a new record



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Author: Rob Dickens

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