Over The Rhine – Meet Me At The Edge Of The World

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Spotlight On Americanafest #10

I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve heard of Over The Rhine so far and am so looking forward to seeing them (the husband-and-wife team of pianist/guitarist/bassist Linford Detweiler and vocalist/guitarist Karin Bergquist) very soon at the Americanafest 2013.

Following up on their critically-acclaimed release The Long Surrender, Over the Rhine returns with the double album Meet Me At The Edge Of The World.  The band has again teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Joe Henry to record vivid songs with striking harmony vocals.

The sprawling project was mostly inspired by Linford and Karin’s pre-Civil War brick farmhouse and acreage in rural Ohio, referred to as Nowhere Farm.  The band recorded nineteen songs with a fantastic collection of backing musicians and a guest appearance by Aimee Mann.

With Over the Rhine’s signature mix of fierce beauty and contemplative lyrics, this album’s release is very exciting news.

Some early reviews are effusive.

“There may be no more soothing voice in music than Karin Bergquist’s.  She could be interpreting jazz standards, but fortunately she applies that balm to her and husband Linford Detweiler’s beautifully languid originals…”– ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“Karin Bergquist is a singer unparalleled in her subtle twists of emotion. Her voice has the power to stop the world in its tracks.” – PERFORMING SONGWRITER
“Karin Bergquist may be the finest singer on the alt-country / Americana scene right now, striking the perfect balance between earthy sensuality and ethereal grace.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES

Linford has always viewed his job description as “creating spaces where good things can happen.”  He continues, “Karin and I write songs that allow her voice to bloom, and we find musicians who know how to take what we do and make it spark and breathe, twitch and moan.  We try to work with musicians who inspire us, people whose company we enjoy.  And we try to write music that in little ways helps to heal the wounds that life has dealt us or the wounds we’ve dealt ourselves.

We try to write songs that can hum joyfully at the stars when something good goes down.  We try to write tunes capable of whispering to a sleeping child that in spite of everything, somehow, all is well.  We try to write words that help us learn to tell the truth to ourselves and others.  That’s a big part of all this.  Music is a wonderful platform for discovering what we believe is true”.


Track Listing:
Album I

1 Meet Me At The Edge Of The World

2 Called Home

3 Sacred Ground

4 I’d Want You

5 Gonna Let My Soul Catch My Body

6 All Of It Was Music

7 Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down

8 Highland County

9 Wait


Album II

1 All Over Ohio

2 Earthbound Love Song

3 Against The Grain

4 It Makes No Difference

5 Blue Jean Sky

6 Cuyahoga

7 Baby If This Is Nowhere

8 Wildflower Bouquet

9 The Birds of Nowhere Farm

10 Favorite Time Of Light


Read about the new release from the duo Over The Rhine

Read about the new release from the duo Over The Rhine



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