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Spotlight on The Americana Music Festival and Conference # 3

I have only seen the North Mississippi Allstars once to date – on the Creole Queen Riverboat on the Mississippi River off New Orleans in 2010.  An amazing night and I got the band full blast – a heady mixtures of blues, roots and rock.

The Allstars have recently announced the release of their new album World Boogie is Coming, in stores Sept 3.  The album is available for pre-order now at www.nmallstars.com.

The band produced the new album themselves at their own Zebra Ranch Studios in Hernando, MS, aside from a day in the studio with Robert Plant (and his harmonica) at Memphis’ legendary Royal Studios.  The Dickinson brothers developed the new material with the help of long-time friends Duwayne and Garry Burnside, Kenny Brown, Alvin Youngblood, Sharde Thomas (Otha Turner’s granddaughter), Chris Chew, Steve Selvidge, Lightnin Malcolm, Plant and others. World Boogie Is Coming is the record that perfectly ties it all together, fusing all the elements that have made the Allstars special while pushing the band’s sound further into the future than ever before.

Luther Dickinson says, “It all started when Seasick Steve told me: ‘You are the one, you are the link, you have to keep it primitive and take it to the people.’” He continues, “I feel like I owe it the elders who taught me the traditional music in which I operate to let the music evolve and allow outside modern influences into the tradition to keep it alive and healthy. I realized that I had not been holding up my end of the deal. Since I am virtually devoid of modern influences, I turned to my brother Cody, who is my opposite in taste and style and loves modern music and production. Allowing Cody to produce the tracking sessions allowed me to sing and play wild and with abandon. Our contrasting styles are the heart of NMA.”

Cody has discovered a love of film-making and knows that in this day and age you need multi-media. He set out to use our landscape of modern-day Mississippi and roadwork experiences to share with the audience a vision, a dreamscape of our world. We wanted the World Boogie Is Coming package to have as much visual content as possible, with the record itself being sonically cinematic, a montage of medleys similar to our live shows — the recording fell together beautifully with that intent. We set ambient microphones up around the whole studio — footsteps, rain, wind, talking, bugs and birds all played their part. Archival tapes of Otha and R.L. fell right into the pocket as soon as we transferred them, laughing, joking and jamming with their kids –transcending time and space, life and death.”

“‘World boogie is coming’ was my father’s (legend Jim Dickinson) favorite valediction,” says Cody. “Naming this record after his closing phrase seemed like a great way to honor him and his memory. World boogie is coming is also a rallying cry. And the cry is this: It’s time to boogie!”

This record represents two years of our collective lives,” he continues. “Luther, myself and our crew touring the world and doing what we do best: Bringing our music straight to the people. World Boogie Is Coming documents that journey and narrative. The story tells itself. We set out to make a definitive and decisive record. It turned into the experience of a lifetime; our magnum opus. It is cinematic by design and infectious by nature, so sit back, relax and enjoy. Let’s get large and have a good time.”

You can upgrade to one of the limited VIP packages that include a signed washboard, concert tickets, meet + greet with the band, music lessons with Luther and Cody and more! Visit www.nmallstars.com to see all the available options.

A taste awaits

Source of the quotes: glidemagazine.com


Read about ‘World Boogie Is Coming’ by North Mississippi Allstars

Read about ‘World Boogie Is Coming’ by North Mississippi Allstars

Read about ‘World Boogie Is Coming’ by North Mississippi Allstars


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