Thank you Rob Dickens in Australia for your wonderful review of Trouble and Love, so beautifully written.   I appreciate it!

– Mary Gauthier

In case you missed this – I love this review of Fortune. It’s not just that he likes the album. He also really thought out the review and nailed the references like a 30 oz hammer on a 16 penny nail.

– Rod Picott


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Jim is a freelance photographer from Tasmania, Australia whose work lightens up the sounds that we hear.  His radio show can be found under the Radio tab.

Rob is a freelance writer and music reviewer, based in Melbourne, Australia, who has contributed articles for Rhythms Magazine, Rocket Magazine, No Depression, Addicted To Noise and Steam Magazine.  Together we links words and images, listening through the lens.

What you will find here are album reviews, photos, info on new releases, live show and festival reviews, articles about music history and our music trips to the USA, and other travels.  Oh, and check out our guided music tours.

More music adventures await.


Rob Dickens and Jim Jacob

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