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John Fullbright

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27 May 2014

The Wall Street Journal has reported that John Fullbright will be releasing a new album on May 27 2014.

Fullbright is a Oklahama singer/songwriter with a strong folk and Americana streak.  He boasts a soulful, powerful voice and is a songwriter with an edge to his lyrics that hold your attention.  He ventured on a solo career and released the wonderful From The Ground Up in 2012, which received considerable critical acclaim.

I saw him twice at the Americana Festival and Conference in Nashville in 2013, performing a song at The Americana Honors and Awards show and a Showcase set one night. My appreciation of his talent and material has grown even more as a result.  So, tidings of a new release from Fullbright are very welcome indeed.  The article by The Wall Street Journal also includes one of the new album’s tracks, a song called “Happy”.

Here’s the link.


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Author: Rob Dickens

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