The Bishop Is In The Building

Today I found heaven…

And I can tell you where it is…

787 Hale Road Memphis Tennessee 38116 USA…





A two-hour service with Bishop A.L. Green aka Mr Al Green.

This man today lead the service for 90 minutes – preaching, singing and bringing joy and laughter.  A twenty-odd choir, a full electric band – keys, guitar, drums, base and bongos, as well as a grand piano and three other preachers.

When Al sang “Amazing Grace”, I was so moved – never have I heard the song in such an emotion-charged setting, sung with skill, beauty and elegance.  Never I believe will I hear that tune again with such emotional resonance.  During the plate collection, he sang “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” and I was a true believer.  So uplifting.  So optimistic.  So soothing.

When I took up my offering, he asked me where I was from and then he let the whole congregation know that there were Australians in this House.

At the end of the ceremony, many went up for a blessing – he put his hand on their head and then prayed and sang, other preachers gathered around in case the recipient might fall in a trance-like state.

What an experience and we were lucky that Bishop Green was in Memphis and led the whole service. Praise The Lord.


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Author: Rob Dickens

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