Crucible – The Songs Of Hunters & Collectors

20130809-135057.jpg Formed in Melbourne in 1981, Hunters &
Collectors became an integral part of Australian music culture
through their unique songs and sounds and legendary pub gigs. They
evolved from an experimental post-punk/funk collective with up to a
dozen members into a streamlined and visceral rock and roll outfit
that made a profound connection with audiences across the country.
The Hunnas, as they became known, featured a powerful blend of
guitars, drums, bass and brass, fronted by Mark Seymour’s intense
vocals and presence. Disbanding in 1998, Hunters &
Collectors left behind a legacy of great rock and roll moments,
memories and a proud catalogue of recorded music, including nine
studio albums, three live albums and numerous EPs and singles. Over
the past eighteen months, fan/critic/A&R executive John
O’Donnell has been curating the album Crucible – The
Songs of Hunters & Collectors.
. “It has been
an exhilarating journey of reinvention and rediscovery,” says
O’Donnell, “as a wildly diverse range of artists have stepped
forward with passion and creative zeal to record interpretations of
fourteen equally diverse Hunters songs. From the more obscure
corners of the band’s catalogue such as “Alligator Engine”, ‘”The
Slab (Betty’s Worry)”, “Dog” through to the classics like “Throw
Your Arms Around Me”, “Holy Grail” and “When the River Runs Dry”,
established artists like Eddie Vedder & Neil Finn, Paul
Kelly, The Living End and Something For Kate have paid respect
while newer acts like The Rubens, Alpine, Matt Corby and Abbe May
have gone digging for their own truths in these amazing songs.”
Here’s the tribute track list 1. Birds of Tokyo – Talking to a
Stranger 2. Eddie Vedder & Neil Finn – Throw Your Arms
Around Me 3. Matt Corby & Missy Higgins – This Morning 4.
Oh Mercy – The Slab (Betty’s Worry) 5. Alpine – Hear No Evil 6. The
Living End – Say Goodbye 7. Paul Kelly & Emma Donovan
(featuring Jimblah) – True Tears of Joy 8. The Rubens – Holy Grail
9. Husky – Blind Eye 10. Something For Kate – When the River Runs
Dry 11. The Panics – Alligator Engine 12. Abbe May – Dog 13.
British India – Do You See What I See? 14. Cloud Control – Still
Hanging ‘Round 15. The Avalanches – Stalking to a Stranger (Planets
Collide Remix) “I have to say, it is deeply rewarding for me as a
writer to know that beyond the years and all the hard work that was
done in the crucible of the Australian suburbs, the songs of
Hunters & Collectors have reached the cream of Australia’s
talent, great singers and bands young and older… who have stepped
up to record the best of what we delivered in those pubs so many
years ago. I am honoured by the respect they have shown. Songs are
what we share, and sharing itself is crucial to our identity as a
people” Mark Seymour – Hunters & Collectors “I, along with
the cream of great musicians from all around this country and
beyond have been given a wonderful opportunity to come together and
pay our respects. And what an utterly amazing legacy it is,
revisited and reinterpreted by their admirers more than 30 years
from where it began and for the generations of music fans that will
follow.” Michael Gudinski – Chairman of The Mushroom Group CRUCIBLE
– THE SONGS OF HUNTERS & COLLECTORS 30 songs – featuring 15
stunning tributes and 15 original recordings Released FRIDAY
SEPTEMBER 27 on Liberation Music Pre-order available from Friday
morning 9 August: iTunes – JB HiFi –
Sanity –

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Author: Rob Dickens

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